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water resources and monitoring

Ensuring global water availability and sustainability is vital for countries worldwide amid challenges like scarcity and pollution. Continuous monitoring of subsurface water levels and a smart water management are crucial.

Main Issue
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Groundwater management relies on continuous monitoring for effective aquifer recharge characterization. Current methods are accurate but complex, lacking continuity between points. In contrast, our technique offers continuous, high-resolution imaging of water mass variations in both space and time. The quantification of water volume in winter through our monitoring instrumentation is a real asset for the creation of underground water reserves through aquifer recharge.

What is Geolinks
FlowTerra™ Solution?

The natural and human-induced vibrations of the subsurface are captured at the nodes of the seismic sensor array. As the saturation of the environment changes, the propagation speed of these vibrations between different nodes varies. These changes in speed are then mapped to visualize fluctuations in the groundwater tables.

Why choose
FlowTerra™ for water ?​


Enhance insights into water resources to better anticipate scarcity and prevent pollution.


Non-invasive solution using cost effective sensor network and enabling reduction of costly piezometers.


This monitoring method enriches information obtained through piezometers, TDR and neutron logging, enabling aquifer volume monitoring.


Scientific publications, one use case about hydraulic barrier monitoring. Technology calibrated against piezometer measurements.

Representation of the groundwater table roof.

Gaubert-Bastide, T. ,  Garambois, S., Bordes, C.,  Voisin, C., Oxarango, L., Brito, D., Roux, P. (2022). High-Resolution Monitoring of Controlled Water Table Variations From Dense Seismic-Noise Acquisitions. Water Resource Research, 58,8, doi: 10.1029/2021WR030680

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