Geolinks in​
CO2 storage​​

CCS and CO2 Geological storage are a must to achieve the objectives of limiting global warming under the 1.5°. Delivering safe and cost-effective Underground Monitoring Solutions is key to allow a CCS large-scale deployment before 2050.

Main Issue
that we solve​

COST of MMV: Even if seen as marginal in the overall cost of CCS, the cost of Monitoring, Measurement and Verification (MMV) is still significant for the operators. MMV cost for storage is mainly due to time-lapse seismic and monitoring wells.​

​NO SOLUTION for onshore CO2 storage: Even if today the time-lapse seismic still provides the highest resolution CO2 plume mapping, this technique is not practically usable and affordable for on-shore CO2 storage.​

What is the Geolinks
FlowTerra™ solution?

BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGY: Since our solution does not require seismic sources and does not require dense seismic arrays, it could replace the expensive 4D seismic., in a very cost-effective way.​

Highly sensitive to rock saturation changes, our solution will allow to DIAGNOSE, MONITOR and PREDICT the CO2 plume movements before any other monitoring system.​

Why choose
FlowTerra™ ​for CCS?​


  • No need for dense seismic arrays​
  • No need for seismic sources
  • Starts monitoring with less than 1 sensor per Km2​


  • Due to a higher sensitivity to fluid movement than time-lapse seismic, it enables early detection of less saturated CO2 plume extensions​


  • Through strategic partnerships, we develop Dual monitoring enabling
  • Fluid tracking and Stress monitoring at the same time using the same system​


  • Monitor the full area of the CO2 storage, from surface, to the injection.​
  • Can be a cost-effective alternative to the expensive 4D Seismic for offshore CCS project​
Time-lapse seismic images of the Sleipner CO2 plume. NS inline through the plume (top); plan view of total reflection amplitude in the plume (bottom).​

From “Quantitative analysis of time-lapse seismic monitoring data at the Sleipner CO2 storage operation, A.Chadwick et al., The Leading Edge, February 2010”​

Monitoring the CO2 plume without the use of expensive 4D seismic

aerial view of rock mountain

Use Case

Thanks to Carbon Management Canada, Geolinks can perform its first demonstrator on a CO2 injection experimental site in Canada.​

This on-going use case will evaluate the capability of the CCW monitoring technology to:​

  • Detect and map the CO2 plume without the use of seismic sources​
  • To provide key data and information to operators for MMV​

Did you know?

Geolinks solutions are built using one innovative technology that was developed in the French CNRS laboratories to enhance earthquake aftershock prediction in central Italy. ​

The technology transforms natural ambient noise into deep underground CO2 rich fluid 3D visualization!​

aerial view of rock mountain

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