Invest in Geophysical Monitoring
for a Sustainable Future


54% oF the Energy-related CO2 reductions by 2050 depends on the Geophysical monitoring.


Geolinks creation


Exclusive license agreement with CNRS


FlowTerra Feasibility completed


Pre-Seed 1.1M€

Key figures​

Prizes : STRATOS 2022, RE91 2022, i-Lab 2022, SIM 2023.

Innovation labels : Avenia 2022 and Avenia 2023.

15 USE CASES on-going and under preparation For 2024.

5 on-going commercial projets.

5 reasons to
invest with us​

+ 1B$

Geophysical monitoring market size

+ 10%


8 markets

FlowTerra is one generic solution responding to 8 different industrial markets.

2 strong

partnerships in place: BAKER HUGHES and the European Fund EIT InnoEnergy.

10 major

accunts working with Geolinks on the FlowTerra program until 2026.

They trust us

45-8 Energy

Nicolas Pelissier, President

“ We were very happy to work with the team of passionate people from Geolinks. They develop an easy-to-deploy, cost effective and lower CO2 footprint monitoring solution. The application on our project delivered striking results!”

CVA Group

Christophe Rigollet, Geosciences Director

« In a nutshell, Geolinks is a partner of choice delivering disruptive innovation for Hydrogen exploration and storage.”


Christophe Rénier, Directeur EISE Storengy

“Storengy believes in the potential of the new technology developed by Geolinks, this is why we are involved in the development of their solution.”


Cécile Boesinger, Innovation & R&D manager

« This technology is very promising and could ultimately find applications at Terega on our natural gas storage but also on possible developments of H2 and CO2 storage.”





Fist MVP delivered to the markets


Revenues > 1M$


Recurrent revenues >1M$


Serie A Fundraising > 10M$


Recurrent revenues > 100M$

At Geolinks, we are on a mission to disrupt the monitoring geophysical sector through cutting-edge sustainable technology and innovation. Since the creation oF Geolinks in 2020, we’ve been dedicated to pushing the boundaries oF what’s possible.


2024: First MVP to Markets

By 2024, we’ll be delivering our First Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to the markets, showcasing our innovative technology.

2025: Revenues Exceeded $1M

Our commitment to excellence is reFlected in our projected revenues surpassing the $1 million mark by 2025.

2026: Recurrent Revenues Surpass $1M

Building on our success, we anticipate achieving recurrent revenues exceeding $1 million by 2026, establishing a solid Foundation For sustained growth.

2027: Series A Fundraising Over $10M

To Fuel our ambitious growth plans, we will embark on a Series A Fundraising round in 2027, aiming to secure over $10 million in investment to Further propel our vision.

2030: Recurrent Revenues Exceeding $100M

Looking ahead, our sights are set on achieving recurrent revenues exceeeding $100 million by 2030, solidiying our posiiton as a key player.

To sustain our vision, we are looking For Financial partners and investors to support and enable us to become the leader oF geophysical monitoring.
We invite visionary investors to join us on this exciting journey. Together, we’ll shape a more sustainable and innovative Future.

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